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Holy Land: The Last (Biblical) FrontierHoly Land: The Last (Biblical) Frontier

Archeologists unearth findings at biblical site dating back to Joshua and the Judges, tucked away at the northernmost end of the country.  Picture

Ancient Jewish Settlement Uncovered in HebronAncient Jewish Settlement Uncovered in Hebron

In the Second Temple period Jewish settlement found in Hebron, linking the old and the new, an ancient Hebrew stamp saying 'King of Hebron' on it.  Picture

14th century grand hall discovered underneath the Kotel Tunnels14th century grand hall discovered underneath the Kotel Tunnels

Western Wall Heritage Foundation unveils educational center under Muslim Quarter dedicated to Jewish history.  Picture

Archaeologists in Syria find ancient 'wand'Archaeologists in Syria find ancient 'wand'

The 9,000-year-old item, made of cow-bone, likely depicted 'powerful supernatural beings,' archaeologists say.  Picture

Uncovered in Jerusalem, 9 tiny Dead Sea ScrollsUncovered in Jerusalem, 9 tiny Dead Sea Scrolls

Researcher finds tantalizing tefillin parchments from Second Temple era, overlooked for decades and unread for 2,000 years.  Picture

National Park Declared Where David Fought GoliathNational Park Declared Where David Fought Goliath

Archaeologists claim a building unearthed at Khirbet Qeiyafa was King David's 'Suburban Palace.'  Picture

Archaeologists Excited at Potential Hevron FindsArchaeologists Excited at Potential Hevron Finds

An archaeological could yield many important finds, said Hevron community spokesperson Noam Arnon.  Picture

1500 Year Old Byzantine-Era Church Uncovered1500 Year Old Byzantine-Era Church Uncovered

Israeli Antiquities Authority discovers the first religious structure in southern Israel from the Byzantine period. 100 years before the existence of Islam.  Picture

New Dig in Hebron Aimed at Uncovering King Davidís PalaceNew Dig in Hebron Aimed at Uncovering King Davidís Palace

'All the elders of Israel came to the king [David] to Hebron, and King David made a convenient with them in Hebron.'  Picture

Ancient Jewish Altar Found in ShiloAncient Jewish Altar Found in Shilo

Ongoing dig in the Samaria town of Shilo turns up ancient stone altar from First Temple times or earlier.  Picture


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