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The Soul-saversThe Soul-savers
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
A high-school teacher gave an emuna book to an about-to-be-divorced husband that saved his marriage. The Zohar elaborates on the teacher's reward, which is beyond belief...  [Full article]

It's An Embarrassment!It's An Embarrassment!
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
Steer clear of slander. Don't respond to arguments. Life is beautiful spend your time and energy serving Hashem and praying with intent, and don't be embarrassed...  [Full article]

Biography is not DestinyBiography is not Destiny
by Dr. Zev Ballen
In order to submit to G-ds authority and accept with emuna that whatever He does is for the best, a person needs to have a clear mind, free from transferred human relations...  [Full article]

Emuna Take-OffEmuna Take-Off
by David Perlow
We thought we had another whole day to leisurely pack for our visit with our two toddlers to our parents in America. Then, Dad called and asked if we were at the airport already...  [Full article]

The Moses of Every GenerationThe Moses of Every Generation
by Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh
In each generation there is one unique individual who is the embodiment of Moses. The spirit of Moses emanates to all the wise men of the generation...  [Full article]

A Tale of Two SonsA Tale of Two Sons
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
There were two sons one intelligent and extremely well-mannered and the other a wild mischief maker who couldn't spell his own name properly...  [Full article]

No More HidingNo More Hiding
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
We all must admit that we can't overcome our evil inclination without Hashem's help. No, but some people prefer to live in denial. They hide...  [Full article]

Thirteen Thoughts on EmunaThirteen Thoughts on Emuna
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
Thirteen is the numerical equivalent for the Hebrew word echad, or one. Since Hashem is One and His Name is One, here are 13 thoughts for us to live by...  [Full article]

The World's Best ComputerThe World's Best Computer
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
After a person's 120 years on earth, all his brain's contents are removed and the Heavenly Court shows him everything he ever saw, thought, spoke, heard and did...  [Full article]

by Yael Karni
The evil inclination is very clever and devious; it can make us rationalize that we arent expected to transcend all our ordeals because we are 'only human...'  [Full article]


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