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Mikeitz: Revealing G-dís Light in the WorldMikeitz: Revealing G-dís Light in the World
by Moshe Kempinski

The greatest purpose of mankind is to be Godís language in the world.  Audio

Vayeishev: The BrothersVayeishev: The Brothers
by Moshe Kempinski
The people of Israel are entering into a delicate and dangerous time. The world is rallying against Israel.  Audio

Vayishlach: The Power of Jacobís NameVayishlach: The Power of Jacobís Name
by Moshe Kempinski

The understood meaning of Jacobís name in the world is he who supplants, undermines, the heel.  Audio

Vayeitzei: Climb on every RungVayeitzei: Climb on every Rung
by Moshe Kempinski

When Jacob left his home he entered into a very difficult valley in his life journey.  Audio

Toldos: Feet of Iron and ClayToldos: Feet of Iron and Clay
by Moshe Kempinski
Israel is constantly facing two spiritual enemies. While one kills us the other tries to destroy our name.  Audio

Chayei Sarah: A Place of RestChayei Sarah: A Place of Rest
by Moshe Kempinski
In the Torah portion of Chayei Sarah we read of the lengthy deliberations regarding the purchase of a burial plot for Sarah.  Audio

Vayeira: Love and Fear of G-dVayeira: Love and Fear of G-d
by Moshe Kempinski
The mainstay of the life of a person of faith is his awareness of a relationship with the Creator based on love and faithfulness.  Audio

Lech Lecha: A Divinely Inspired JourneyLech Lecha: A Divinely Inspired Journey
by Moshe Kempinski
There are two ways to enter the land of Israel. Both involve great determination and struggle, yet only one provides an eternal guarantee.  Audio

Noach: Tikkun Olam - Fixing the WorldNoach: Tikkun Olam - Fixing the World
by Moshe Kempinski

Noach is the beginning of the correction of the world while Abraham symbolizes the purpose.  Audio

Succos: From the Infinite to the FiniteSuccos: From the Infinite to the Finite
by Moshe Kempinski
One of the moments in the year which invariably lift me to the greatest height is actually a moment of pure silence.  Audio

Yom Kippur: Entering the Inner ChamberYom Kippur: Entering the Inner Chamber
by Moshe Kempinski
The secret of Yom Kippur is difficult to understand. Why this one day? Why cannot one who has strayed from the path turn to G-d and return at any time?  Audio


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