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Balak: Spiritual BattlesBalak: Spiritual Battles
by Moshe Kempinski
In this weekís portion, we read of the great fear and disdain Balak the king of Moab has for the young nation of Israelites.  Audio

Naso: Becoming VesselsNaso: Becoming Vessels
by Moshe Kempinski
The Bible relates events and commandments that were revealed during an era of shepherds, kings and scribes.  Audio

Shavuot: Spiritual and Material JoyShavuot: Spiritual and Material Joy
by Rabbi Eliezer Melamed
A true enjoyment of the holiday this year entails knowing how to go from Sabbath observance into yomtov, in addition to the laws of the yomtov itself.

Behar-Bechukosai: Trusting G-dBehar-Bechukosai: Trusting G-d
by Moshe Kempinski
We are taught in the Torah portion that there is a deep connection between the revelation at Mount Sinai and the land of Israel.  Audio

Emor: A Higher CallingEmor: A Higher Calling
by Moshe Kempinski
The Kohen is actually an extension of the peopleís yearning for G-d on the one hand and is the conduit through which G-d blesses that yearning on the other.  Audio

Acharei-Kedoshim: The Mountains of IsraelAcharei-Kedoshim: The Mountains of Israel
by Moshe Kempinski
Every morning as I walk to my shulfor morning prayers. I usually stop for a couple of seconds. The awesome and expansive western view of the Jerusalem hills that unfolds before me...  Audio

Tazria-Metzora: Last in CreationTazria-Metzora: Last in Creation
by Moshe Kempinski
The Torah portion of Tazria begins with the commandment related to the birth of a child. Last to be created, but the only one with the power of speech.  Audio

Pesach: Matza, Bread and Life ChoicesPesach: Matza, Bread and Life Choices
by Moshe Kempinski
The days and weeks after an election in Israel are usually rife with acrimony and accusations. Every political party attempts to create their own fiefdom and power base.

Tzav: We were SlavesTzav: We were Slaves
by Moshe Kempinski
We were slaves to Pharaoh in Egypt. And HaShem our G-d brought us out from there with a strong hand and an outstretched arm.  Audio

Vayikra: Making Room for the 'Aleph'Vayikra: Making Room for the 'Aleph'
by Moshe Kempinski
Prime Minister Netanyahu has been re-elected at the end of a rancorous and difficult election process.  Audio

Vayakhel-Pekudei: The Art of DoingVayakhel-Pekudei: The Art of Doing
by Moshe Kempinski

The use of those two words Vayakhel (assembled) and Adat (community) is instructive.  Audio

Ki Sisa: Facing Amalek in Our TimeKi Sisa: Facing Amalek in Our Time
by Moshe Kempinski
Regardless of all the facts on the ground, Amalek, the descendant of Esau could not countenance the success of Jacobís descendants.  Audio

Tetzaveh: Hiding Behind MasksTetzaveh: Hiding Behind Masks
by Moshe Kempinski
We live in a world wherein layer after layer of disguises and camouflage, hide true intentions and mask sincerity and truth.  Audio

Terumah: Silenced VoicesTerumah: Silenced Voices
by Moshe Kempinski
Moshe and the children of Israel prophetically break out into song after the miraculous redemption from Egypt and the dramatic crossing of the red sea.  Audio

Mishpatim: Freedom from SlaveryMishpatim: Freedom from Slavery
by Moshe Kempinski
What should the Israeli Prime Minister do? He may be stepping on many political toes with his visit to the Congress. Yet he has no choice but to take a stand.  Audio

Yisro: The Names of Mosheís ChildrenYisro: The Names of Mosheís Children
by Moshe Kempinski
The ability to move through difficult times and to anticipate redemption is not a genetic trait but rather a learned one.  Audio

Beshalach: Being GratefulBeshalach: Being Grateful
by Moshe Kempinski
The children of Israel leave their long period of slavery in Egypt. They then are confronted with the reality of Egypt overtaking them at the Red sea and they become ...  Audio

Bo: Hardened HeartsBo: Hardened Hearts
by Moshe Kempinski
President Obama declares that he will veto new sanctions on Iran and then warns senators not to be swayed by donors (read 'the Jews')...  Audio

Va'eira: May He who makes peace in high placesVa'eira: May He who makes peace in high places
by Moshe Kempinski
A short time before Yoav Hattab, (Híyd) was killed in the Kosher market in Paris, he was visiting here in the old city of Jerusalem with his friends...  Audio

Shemos: Sixty Years of SilenceShemos: Sixty Years of Silence
by Moshe Kempinski
What happened during those sixty years of silence? What did Moshe experience that would give him back the powers to be the leader that he needed to become?  Audio

Vayechi: Growing Up In Pharoah's PalaceVayechi: Growing Up In Pharoah's Palace
by Moshe Kempinski

Joseph brings his two sons to receive a blessing from his ailing father Jacob.  Audio

Vayigash: Approaching DestinyVayigash: Approaching Destiny
by Moshe Kempinski
In the world of Ancient Egypt the will of the ruler was supreme and deadly. One would be taking a great risk to confront and disagree with the whims and dictates of any ruler.  Audio

Mikeitz: Revealing G-dís Light in the WorldMikeitz: Revealing G-dís Light in the World
by Moshe Kempinski

The greatest purpose of mankind is to be Godís language in the world.  Audio

Vayeishev: The BrothersVayeishev: The Brothers
by Moshe Kempinski
The people of Israel are entering into a delicate and dangerous time. The world is rallying against Israel.  Audio

Vayishlach: The Power of Jacobís NameVayishlach: The Power of Jacobís Name
by Moshe Kempinski

The understood meaning of Jacobís name in the world is he who supplants, undermines, the heel.  Audio

Vayeitzei: Climb on every RungVayeitzei: Climb on every Rung
by Moshe Kempinski

When Jacob left his home he entered into a very difficult valley in his life journey.  Audio

Toldos: Feet of Iron and ClayToldos: Feet of Iron and Clay
by Moshe Kempinski
Israel is constantly facing two spiritual enemies. While one kills us the other tries to destroy our name.  Audio

Chayei Sarah: A Place of RestChayei Sarah: A Place of Rest
by Moshe Kempinski
In the Torah portion of Chayei Sarah we read of the lengthy deliberations regarding the purchase of a burial plot for Sarah.  Audio

Vayeira: Love and Fear of G-dVayeira: Love and Fear of G-d
by Moshe Kempinski
The mainstay of the life of a person of faith is his awareness of a relationship with the Creator based on love and faithfulness.  Audio

Lech Lecha: A Divinely Inspired JourneyLech Lecha: A Divinely Inspired Journey
by Moshe Kempinski
There are two ways to enter the land of Israel. Both involve great determination and struggle, yet only one provides an eternal guarantee.  Audio

Noach: Tikkun Olam - Fixing the WorldNoach: Tikkun Olam - Fixing the World
by Moshe Kempinski

Noach is the beginning of the correction of the world while Abraham symbolizes the purpose.  Audio

Succos: From the Infinite to the FiniteSuccos: From the Infinite to the Finite
by Moshe Kempinski
One of the moments in the year which invariably lift me to the greatest height is actually a moment of pure silence.  Audio

Yom Kippur: Entering the Inner ChamberYom Kippur: Entering the Inner Chamber
by Moshe Kempinski
The secret of Yom Kippur is difficult to understand. Why this one day? Why cannot one who has strayed from the path turn to G-d and return at any time?  Audio


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