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Pesach: Avadim Hayinu - We were SlavesPesach: Avadim Hayinu - We were Slaves
by Moshe Kempinski
We read in the Passover Haggada the following words; We were slaves (Avadim HaYinu) to Pharaoh in Egypt.  Audio

Metzora: Gates of TeshuvaMetzora: Gates of Teshuva
by Moshe Kempinski
In last weekís haftara we read of the healing of Naíaman, general of Aramís leprosy. That healing resulted in a great sanctification of G-d's name.  Audio

Tazria: Therapeutic MalaiseTazria: Therapeutic Malaise
by Moshe Kempinski
The ailment called Tzaraat has been translated as the Leprosy we know of today that is known as Hansen's disease.  Audio

Shemini: Experiencing G-dís GloryShemini: Experiencing G-dís Glory
by Moshe Kempinski

'After Hashem your G-d shall you walk, and Him shall you fear, and His commandments shall you keep.'  Audio

Tzav: Elevating the AshesTzav: Elevating the Ashes
by Moshe Kempinski
Mankind has struggled forever around the question of spirituality and physicality. Are the two compatible or are they mutually exclusive?  Audio

Vayikra: Faithful PatienceVayikra: Faithful Patience
by Moshe Kempinski
The journey of the Jewish people has been long and arduous, we need at times to find the strength to walk the long trek.  Audio

Pekudei: Healing The RiftPekudei: Healing The Rift
by Moshe Kempinski
The country of Israel, today, is embroiled in a bitter dispute which hearkens back to the very soul and nature of this country.  Audio

Vayakhel: Assembling the People TogetherVayakhel: Assembling the People Together
by Moshe Kempinski
Ever since the last national elections the country has been split between two supposedly opposing views.  Audio

Ki Sisa: Understanding the GapKi Sisa: Understanding the Gap
by Moshe Kempinski

The world is in the midst of an epic battle between two world views and beliefs.  Audio

Tetzaveh: The Priests of Self delusionTetzaveh: The Priests of Self delusion
by Moshe Kempinski
This generation, according to Rav Kook, is a complicated but spiritually advanced generation. It is a generation that wants to believe in ideals.  Audio

Terumah: Letting G-d InTerumah: Letting G-d In
by Moshe Kempinski
Some see the hand of G-d in all aspects of our lives while others see their lives tumble forward in random meaningless waves.  Audio

Mishpatim: The Spiritual and The PhysicalMishpatim: The Spiritual and The Physical
by Moshe Kempinski
We are living in a generation wherein the daily struggles of the people in this land cannot be understood simply on the superficial plane.  Audio

Yisro: Spiritual LegacyYisro: Spiritual Legacy
by Moshe Kempinski
This is the Torah portion wherein G-d reveals His power to the world through His revelation to the Jewish people.  Audio

Beshalach: Lessons of the Red SeaBeshalach: Lessons of the Red Sea
by Moshe Kempinski
It is the Jewish understanding that the Exodus from Egypt would be the prototype of the ultimate redemption.  Audio

Bo: We should be AshamedBo: We should be Ashamed
by Moshe Kempinski
Once again Israel is being coerced into continuing a process that has incorrectly been called a 'Peace Process'.  Audio

Va'eira: The Plagues and the Land of IsraelVa'eira: The Plagues and the Land of Israel
by Moshe Kempinski
The American administration is 'hell bent' on pressuring Israel to give up its hold on the biblical heartland.  Audio

Shemos: A Leader For a PeopleShemos: A Leader For a People
by Moshe Kempinski

Are leaders destined for their role or are they self made? In truth it is a function of both.  Audio

Vayechi: Eternal PerspectivesVayechi: Eternal Perspectives
by Moshe Kempinski
Jewish history has been circuitous and at times very difficult. What is the secret of that ever-developing growth?  Audio

Vayigash: The Courage of a LionVayigash: The Courage of a Lion
by Moshe Kempinski

The world has become a very frightening place because it has become a very frightened world.  Audio

Mikeitz: The New HellenistsMikeitz: The New Hellenists
by Moshe Kempinski
We light the Hanukah menorah then not as a celebration of the physical victory of the Maccabees but rather as a spiritual victory against Hellenism and assimilation.  Audio

Vayeishev: Darkness before the LightVayeishev: Darkness before the Light
by Moshe Kempinski
In the text describing the creation of the world we read 'And there was evening and there was morning.' Why does darkness always precede the light?  Audio

Vayishlach: Sheep and OxenVayishlach: Sheep and Oxen
by Moshe Kempinski
Yaacov was fleeing from a brother who was set to kill him. He was running away from the only home he knew.  Audio

Vayeitzei: Yaacov carried his legsVayeitzei: Yaacov carried his legs
by Moshe Kempinski
Every event and challenge in the life journey of Yaacov represents another rung in his ascent up the ladder to the heavens.  Audio

Toldos: The Blindness of YitzchakToldos: The Blindness of Yitzchak
by Moshe Kempinski
Yitzchak was blinded to the evil traits of his son and believed that Esav and his character completed Yaacov and his traits.  Audio

Chayei Sarah: Making the Days CountChayei Sarah: Making the Days Count
by Moshe Kempinski
We read in the torah portion of 'Chayei Sarah' the following verse; 'Now, Abraham was old and advanced in days.'  Audio

Vayeira: Replacing YitzchakVayeira: Replacing Yitzchak
by Moshe Kempinski

'Replacement Theology' is one of those doctrines created and nurtured by disdain and hatred.  Audio

Lech Lecha: Changing NamesLech Lecha: Changing Names
by Moshe Kempinski

Abraham and Sarah begin the voyage of a people, yet right at the start ,their names are changed.  Audio

Noach: Walking With and Before G-dNoach: Walking With and Before G-d
by Moshe Kempinski
These are the generations of Noach, Noach was a righteous man he was perfect in his generations; Noach walked with G-d.  Audio

Succos: What is it about the Sukkah?Succos: What is it about the Sukkah?
by Moshe Kempinski
What is it about the sukkah that is so captivating? What explains the sense of complete serenity one experiences when sitting within it?  Audio

Yom Kippur: Choosing G-dYom Kippur: Choosing G-d
by Moshe Kempinski

Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year is marked by great intensity fervor and meditation.  Audio


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