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The folly of taking Islam out of ISISThe folly of taking Islam out of ISIS
by Tuvia Brodie - 9/18/2014

ISIS is a movement that has declared a holy war against those it considers ‘impure’. Its goals center on Islam. There is nothing un-Islamic about ISIS.  Picture

ISIS IS NOT Islamic?? What World Does He Live In?ISIS IS NOT Islamic?? What World Does He Live In?
by Phyllis Chesler - 9/12/2014

Does President Obama really believe that America must still curry favor with 'the Islamic world' by saying that ISIS is not 'Islamic'?  Picture

Moderate Islam is the Left's New ReligionModerate Islam is Our the Left's Religion
by Daniel Greenfield - 9/3/2014

I have been searching for moderate Islam since September 11 and just like a lost sock in the dryer, it was in the last place I expected it to be.  Picture

The Deadly Israeli House Strikes AgainThe Deadly Israeli House Strikes Again
by Daniel Greenfield - 9/1/2014

There are few weapons as deadly as the Israeli house. When its brick and mortar are combined together, the house, becomes far more dangerous than Iranian centrifuges.  Picture

The Muslim Colonists: Forgotten Facts about the Arab-Israeli ConflictThe Muslim Colonists: Forgotten Facts
by Ezequiel Doiny - 8/29/2014

The current Palestinian narrative is that all Muslims in Palestine are natives and all Jews are settlers. This narrative is false.  Picture

Obama Must be Told: Israel is not a Vassal StateOperation Protective Edge
Obama Must be Told: Israel is not a Vassal State

by Ronn Torossian - 8/17/2014

It is necessary for Israel to say no to President Obama when he endangers the Jewish State. Israel is not answerable to even her friends.  Picture

Obama’s Campaign Against IsraelOperation Protective Edge
Obama’s Campaign Against Israel

by J. E. Dyer - 8/15/2014
It's more than blocking a weapons shipment. They are concocting an entire narrative about the Israelis 'outflanking' the administration, running off on their own, and being unreceptive to U.S. influence.  Picture

Are All Dead Children Created Equal?Operation Protective Edge
Are All Dead Children Created Equal?

by Daniel Greenfield - 8/8/2014
While furious mobs of leftists draped in Keffiyahs and corn syrup were shrieking about Gaza in the public squares of every major city, ISIS was continuing its genocidal advance on Baghdad.  Picture

Victory is OursOperation Protective Edge
Victory is Ours

by Ronn Torossian - 8/5/2014

After almost a month of fighting in the Gaza Strip, with all the reactions, I find it important to clarify to the Nation of Israel that we won, decisively.  Picture

World Opinion Does Not MatterOperation Protective Edge
World Opinion Does Not Matter

by Ronn Torossian - 8/3/2014
No one can claim any longer that the conflict in this region is about so-called 'occupied territories'. This is – and has always been about – the existence of the Jewish State.  Picture


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