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Our Good Islam - Bad Islam StrategyOur Good Islam - Bad Islam Strategy
by Daniel Greenfield - 2/11/2016

Islamic terrorism is just what we call Islam when itís killing us. But Islamic terrorism is not a separate component of Islam that can be cut off from it.  Picture

A courageous idea to stop the murdersA courageous idea to stop the murders
by Leonie Ben-Simon - 2/10/2016

Not an easy solution to implement, but it might work. Resilient citizens are losing patience as murder after murder robs the Jewish people of future generations.  Picture

Hope is not a strategyHope is not a strategy
by Caroline Glick - 1/29/2016

Since Israel is going to be attacked no matter what it does, we might as well do things that advance our interests.  Picture

Ashkenazi Jews are not whiteAshkenazi Jews are not white
by Hila Hershkoviz - 1/17/2016

In response to Haaretz article 'Jews, white privilege and the fight against racism in America'. I would like to say loud and clear: Ashkenazi Jews are not white.  Picture

by Former MK Yaakov Katz - 1/10/2016
The up to date number of Jews in Judea and Samaria, not counting Jerusalem. Actually, close to 800,000 Jews live over what is called the Green Line and serve, with G-d's help, to ensure that the heartland of Israel will flourish.  Picture

Muslim woman comparing plight of American Muslims to HolocaustMuslim woman comparing plight of American Muslims to Holocaust
by Ed Straker - 1/9/2016
The practice of wearing special markings in order to distinguish Jews in Muslim-dominated countries seems to have been introduced by Umayyad Caliph Umar II in early 8th century.  Picture

The dangers that lurk on the path to gloryThe dangers that lurk on the path to glory
by Rabbi Zalman Baruch Melamed - 1/3/2016

Our youth are so extraordinary that we have great moral expectations of them, and we must not let one crime cloud that truth.  Picture

Jews Inciting Muslims by Praying for Rebuilding Holy TempleJews Inciting Muslims by Praying for Rebuilding Holy Temple
by Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu - 1/1/2016

Orthodox and Conservative Jews pray every day for rebuilding the Holy Temple. The radical Islamic agenda calls that 'incitement.'  Picture

Muslim Immigration Is Exactly What Da'esh (ISIS) WantsMuslim Immigration Is Exactly What Da'esh (ISIS) Wants
by Daniel Greenfield - 12/25/2015
To understand ISIS, you have to understand the difference between terrorists and Islamic terrorists. Immigration is what ISIS needs to defeat America.  Picture

Israel, the West and IslamIsrael, the West and Islam
by Rabbi Eliezer Melamed - 12/25/2015

Anyone wishing for peaceful and calm relations with Muslims must avoid displaying any desire for peace, or any talk of it, because peace with non-Muslims contradicts their beliefs.  Picture


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