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The Ghosts of Auschwitz in the Muslim WorldThe Ghosts of Auschwitz in the Muslim World
by Daniel Greenfield - 1/30/2015

Eichmannís Nazis lost, but the Muftiís Islamists continue their genocidal agenda. Mein Kampf may be banned in Germany, but itís a bestseller in the Muslim world.  Picture

Fighting Back Against Jew-HatredFighting Back Against Jew-Hatred
by Mark Tapson - 1/30/2015

Itís time for Jews to take the targets off their own backs and put Jew-hatred in their sights. 'Every Jew a .22,' as Meir Kahane put it.  Picture

The Islamic State, Then and NowThe Islamic State, Then and Now
by Lloyd Billingsley - 1/30/2015

The rise of ISIS has been rapid, but it should come as no surprise to Western leaders. Barely 100 years ago, another Islamic state was mounting a similar campaign. Picture

The Imaginary Islamic RadicalThe Imaginary Islamic Radical
by Daniel Greenfield - 1/28/2015

What makes an Islamic radical, extremist? Where is the line between ordinary Muslim practice and its extremist dark side?  Picture

Obama Leaves Holocaust Memorial Off His ScheduleObama Leaves Holocaust Memorial Off His Schedule
by Yehuda Remer - 1/27/2015

Today, President Obama is leading a delegation to Saudi Arabia to offer condolences to King Salman, on the passing of King Abdullah.  Picture

Addicted To TerrorAddicted To Terror
by Dr. Michael J. Salamon - 1/23/2015

For generations Muslims have believed in and practiced jihad. Jihad has been glorified as a battle cry and struggle against non-believers and has led to horrific violence.  Picture

Islam: Bible of blood, religion of deathIslam: Bible of blood, religion of death
by Donny Fuchs - 1/16/2015

We have seen once again in a mind numbing display of Islamic barbarism, that itís not just Jews in Israel who are vulnerable to Islamic terror.  Picture

Muslims Fear BacklashMuslims Fear Backlash
by Daniel Greenfield - 1/10/2015
The real story is not the Jews, Atheists and Christians in France who fear being killed by Muslims. But, Muslims who fear being mildly harassed by the Jews, Atheists and Christians they havenít killed yet.  Picture

Laughing at MohammedLaughing at Mohammed
by Daniel Greenfield - 1/9/2015

Mo is the paragon of Islam, the role model for all Muslim men and the terror of all Muslim women. Muslims know their Mo weakness. If Mohammed is mocked, then Islam collapses.  Picture

Europe is GoneEurope is Gone
by Rabbi Berel Wein - 12/26/2014
To Europe, the noble Palestinians 'fomenters of worldwide terrorism, intifadas and recurring wars' are worthy of diplomatic recognition, media support, financial aid and moral justification. This is Europe's revenge on the Jews for surviving.  Picture


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