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Jewish GazaOperation Protective Edge
Jewish Gaza

by Simcha Jacobovici - 7/27/2014
Gaza has a long Jewish history. The key to the peace was the fact that King Solomon 'had dominion over everything west of the River, from Tiphsah all the way to Gaza.'  Picture

Itís Time to Go HomeOperation Protective Edge
Itís Time to Go Home

by JoeSettler - 7/26/2014

To me it is clear that itís time to correct the evil done to our fellow citizens and to ourselves, and return to our homes in Gush Katif and Gaza.  Picture

Israel Can Win - If Obama doesn't save HamasOperation Protective Edge
Israel Can Win - If Obama doesn't save Hamas

by Matthew Continetti - 7/25/2014

Slandered, despised, insulted, degraded, Israel is nonetheless winning its war against Hamas.  Picture

Terrorism is a Tactic and It Must Be DefeatedOperation Protective Edge
Terrorism is a Tactic and It Must Be Defeated

by Daniel Greenfield - 7/24/2014

There are two dimensions to fighting a War on Terror. One is fighting terrorists and the other is fighting terrorism.  Picture

Obama to the Rescue Ė of HamasOperation Protective Edge
Obama to the Rescue Ė of Hamas

by Caroline Glick - 7/23/2014

While Israel was negotiating the Egyptian cease-fire proposal, Obama signaled to Hamasís leaders that they hold out for a better deal.  Picture

The Doctrine of ProportionalityOperation Protective Edge
The Doctrine of Proportionality

by Shoshana Bryen - 7/20/2014

Proportionality in international law is not about equality of death or civilian suffering, or even about [equality of] firepower.  Picture

It's Another 'Death to the Jews' WeekendOperation Protective Edge
It's Another 'Death to the Jews' Weekend

by Daniel Greenfield - 7/20/2014

From Berkeley to Boston and from Paris to Sydney, the season is upon us again. 'Death to the Jews,' shouts everywhere.  Picture

Moral clarity in GazaOperation Protective Edge
Moral clarity in Gaza

by Charles Krauthammer - 7/18/2014
Rarely does international politics present a moment of such moral clarity. We routinely hear this IsraelĖGaza fighting described as a morally equivalent 'cycle of violence.'  Picture

Want Proportionality? Give Israel 22 CountriesOperation Protective Edge
Want Proportionality? Give Israel 22 Countries

by Jack Engelhard - 7/17/2014

Spare us the pieties and righteous indignation of Europe. The final solution turned out to be Israel and they can't handle it.  Picture

My Outline for a Solution in GazaOperation Protective Edge
My Outline for a Solution in Gaza

by MK Moshe Feiglin - 7/15/2014

Clear and concise, the steps towards achieving quiet in Gaza. Hamas may unconditionally surrender and prevent the attack.  Picture


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