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French Jews Flee Muslim Anti-SemitismFrench Jews Flee Muslim Anti-Semitism
by Daniel Greenfield - 12/3/2014

While Israel remains the destination of choice — Quebec, and its largest city of Montreal in particular, is quietly becoming a popular alternative for émigrés.  Picture

The Good Muslim TerroristThe Good Muslim Terrorist
by Daniel Greenfield - 11/23/2014

There are no Palestinians. There are no moderate Syrian rebels. There is only Islam. Muslim historical claims are mythologies invented to give weight to their religious violence.  Picture

Rabbi Goren and the Temple MountRabbi Goren and the Temple Mount
by Rabbi Eliezer Melamed - 11/14/2014
The controversy with the Wakf is a nationalistic issue. There is also an halakhic issue on which rabbis disagree. The late Chief Rabbi Goren tried to arrange a mass prayer on the Mount in 1967 and was stopped by the government.  Picture

The Temple Mount and Global JihadThe Temple Mount and Global Jihad
by Ruthie Blum - 11/7/2014

On Thursday, thousands of mourners attended the funeral of Border Police Superintendent Jadan Assad, from the Druze village of Beit Jan.  Picture

The Temple Mount is to Jews as Mecca is to MuslimsThe Temple Mount is to Jews as Mecca is to Muslims
by Ezequiel Doiny - 11/4/2014

A Letter to Europe: The Kab'a, in Mecca, is Islam's holiest site. It is the Jews whose holiest site is the Temple Mount.  Picture

November 2, 1917: The Balfour DeclarationNovember 2, 1917: The Balfour Declaration
by Larry Domnitch - 11/2/2014

The general perception at the time was that the deliverance of the Jews was forthcoming, thanks to the declaration of the British government.  Picture

Washington Post Trashes Obama for ‘Barnyard Epithet’Washington Post Trashes Obama for ‘Barnyard Epithet’
by Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu - 11/1/2014

The newspaper once led the chorus for Obama, who now has only the New York Times as a mouthpiece.  Picture

Restoring Justice and Sanity on the Temple MountRestoring Justice and Sanity on the Temple Mount
by Douglas Altabef - 10/31/2014
Yehudah Glick mentioned the probability of bloodshed due to Arab incitement against Jews. No one imagined that 5 hours later it would be his blood that was spilt.  Picture

U.S. Government Cares More for Dead TIT (Terrorist in Training) than Murdered Tot!U.S. Government Cares More for Dead TIT (Terrorist in Training) than Murdered Tot!
by Batya Medad - 10/26/2014
The response of the State Department to the murder of the innocent baby girl, an American citizen, who was visiting Israel with her parents was barely tepid.  Picture

Kerry Tells Muslims that ISIS is the Fault of the JewsKerry Tells Muslims that ISIS is the Fault of the Jews
by Daniel Greenfield - 10/19/2014

Hey you know who is helping ISIS recruit fighters? No, not close allies like Qatar and Turkey. So, Kerry blames ISIS on the Jews.  Video Picture


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