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The U.S. Will Stand Up To The UNís Anti-Israel BiasThe U.S. Will Stand Up To The UNís Anti-Israel Bias
by Ambassador Nikki Haley - 2/23/2017
I am here to underscore the ironclad support of the United States for Israel. Iím here to emphasize the United States is determined to stand up to the UNís anti-Israel bias.  Picture

The Trump-Netanyahu allianceThe Trump-Netanyahu alliance
by Caroline Glick - 2/20/2017
The two-state model is widely viewed as the formula for Middle East peace. But the fact of the matter is that it makes peace impossible to achieve, by holding normal relations between Israel and its Arab neighbors hostage to grandiose peace deals.  Picture

The End Of PalestineThe End Of Palestine
by Daniel Greenfield - 2/16/2017

Israel has the opportunity to reclaim its nation. Palestine is many things. A Roman name and a Cold War lie. Mostly itís a justification for killing Jews.  Picture

The Day of the Dhimmi is DoneThe Day of the Dhimmi is Done
by Michael Lumish - 2/15/2017
For 1300 years Jews lived as dhimmis sub-class non-citizens under the boot of Arab-Muslim imperial rule. With an Israel Hater out and Trump in it's time for Israel and the Jewish people to declare the days of desperate Jewish solicitude are over.  Picture

Beautiful friendshipBeautiful friendship
by Caroline Glick - 2/12/2017

Next week can be the beginning of a new era in Israelís relations with the US. But to make the most of this unprecedented opportunity, Israel needs to recognize its role as Americaís ally.  Picture

The evolving threat of jihad in the WestThe evolving threat of jihad in the West
by Caroline Glick - 2/7/2017

It is impossible to solve a problem like Islamic radicalism by ignoring it. To the contrary, by ignoring it, you ensure that it will grow.  Picture

The Trump Way of WarThe Trump Way of War
by Caroline Glick - 2/4/2017

Unlike his predecessors, Trump is serious about winning. To do so, he is even willing to take the radical step of accepting Israel as an ally.  Picture

If We Don't Let Muslims Into America, They'll Kill UsIf We Don't Let Muslims Into America, They'll Kill Us
by Daniel Greenfield - 2/1/2017
When normal people don't like a policy, they protest or write a letter to the editor. They donít plant a pressure cooker bomb next to a little boy or stab college students with a butcher knife.  Picture

3 Questions To Keep Muslim Terrorists Out Of America3 Questions To Keep Muslim Terrorists Out Of America
by Daniel Greenfield - 1/28/2017

We must identify visitors and immigrants who are at a high risk of becoming terrorists in the first or second generation.  Picture

Remembering the Holocaust, Once AgainRemembering the Holocaust, Once Again
by David Harris - 1/26/2017

The UN designated January 27 as International Holocaust Remembrance Day. That was the day, in 1945, when the Soviet army liberated Auschwitz.  Picture


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