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Re-liberating JerusalemRe-liberating Jerusalem
by David M. Weinberg - 5/15/2015

It’s been almost fifty years since Israel unified Jerusalem. Time to reestablish Zionist momentum in Jerusalem, in the face of multiple diplomatic and security threats.  Picture

Schrödinger's JihadSchrödinger's Jihad
by Daniel Greenfield - 5/14/2015

The great paradox of the War on Terror is that we are fighting an enemy that doesn’t exist. We are told incessantly that there is no such thing as a Muslim terrorist.  Picture

The Waqf and the Temple MountThe Waqf and the Temple Mount
by Paul Gherkin - 5/6/2015

The most sensitive issue of the Israel-Arab conflict is considered to be the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  Picture

San Remo: The Forgotten MilestoneSan Remo: The Forgotten Milestone
by Salomon Benzimra - 4/26/2015

How can there be peace and reconciliation without acknowledging fundamental historical and legal facts?  Picture

Iranians Call Obama 'the son of a Shiite father'Iranian Opposition Leader Calls Obama 'the son of a Shiite father...the Iranian lobby in America'
by Robert Spencer - 4/19/2015

Iranian opposition activist Abu Muntasir Al-Baloushi said: 'Barack Hussein Obama is the son of a Shiite father...calls him the Iranian lobby in America.'  Picture

Palestinians and the Art of the PossiblePalestinians and the Art of the Possible
by Mike Konrad - 4/18/2015

If 44% of Arab youth in Judea and Samaria are willing to emigrate. How can we help them? The answer, of course, is by financial compensation.  Picture

Six Million Reasons to LiveSix Million Reasons to Live
by Richard Mather - 4/15/2015

It is seventy years since the camps were liberated. To survivors, the Holocaust remains a persistent and horrifying memory. Will the Shoah be remembered? Can it happen again?  Video Picture

Judea, Samaria and the Urge to AppeaseJudea, Samaria and the Urge to Appease
by Daniel Grynglas - 4/12/2015

We need to stand tall and unequivocally declare that SAMARIA AND JUDEA ARE JEWISH LAND. They will be Jewish forever. Period.  Picture

Ten Things You Should Know About the Iran Nuke DealTen Things You Should Know About the Iran Nuke Deal
by Maurice Ostroff - 4/10/2015

War is not the only alternative. The alternative is a better deal and the fact that sanctions brought Iran to the negotiating table.  Picture

Obama's Pesach message turns Jewish holiday into black holidayObama's Pesach message turns Jewish holiday into black holiday
by Carl in Jerusalem - 4/5/2015

For Obama, it's never enough to greet Jews as Jews. Obama manages to bring racism into his official statement marking Passover.  Picture


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