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Rabbi Warns of Civil War in the United StatesRabbi Warns of Civil War in the United States
by Eliyahu Berkowitz - 4/1/2015

The Riminov Rebbe, gave an unequivocal command to the Jews to leave and go to Israel, saying that there will be a civil war in the US.  Picture

Obama’s Doomsday Plan for Israel – A Terrifying PossibilityObama’s Doomsday Plan for Israel – A Terrifying Possibility
by Jack Engelhard - 3/29/2015

It is entirely possible that there is a clause in the agreement that parallels the Kennedy Doctrine, except that it is aimed against Israel.  Picture

On Obama: A Vindictive and Petty MegalomaniacOn Obama: A Vindictive and Petty Megalomaniac
by Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer - 3/27/2015

He has wreaked more damage on America and on the world, often through incompetent bad policies and through incredibly incompetent inaction.  Picture

Israel’s Leftist LosersIsrael’s Leftist Losers
by Daniel Greenfield - 3/23/2015

For thousands of years the Jews dreamed of reclaiming their country. The left dreamed of a country run by bureaucrats that worked only three days a week.  Picture

The Urgent Business of the Next GovernmentThe Urgent Business of the Next Government
by Caroline Glick - 3/21/2015

On Tuesday, the people of Israel spoke. They gave a clear mandate to the nationalist camp, led by the Likud and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, to lead the country.  Picture

Israel’s next 22 monthsIsrael’s next 22 months
by Caroline Glick - 3/13/2015

Given the stakes, the choice of Israeli voters next Tuesday is an easy one. Over the past week Obama has exposed his ill-intentions toward Israel in two different ways.  Picture

Netanyahu: Israel Will Stand Alone if It MustNetanyahu: Israel Will Stand Alone if It Must
by Daniel Greenfield - 3/4/2015

Netanyahu's exact words: ‘Even if Israel has to stand alone, Israel will stand.’ For Netanyahu and for many in Congress, Iran’s terrorism is not a distraction; it is the main issue.  Picture

Meet The Democrats Who Are Skipping Netanyahu’s Speech To CongressMeet The Democrats Who Are Skipping Netanyahu’s Speech
by Lawrence Konigsberg - 3/2/2015

At least 34 Democrats will boycott the Israeli Prime Minister’s speech before Congress. They must really hate their Jewish constituents.  Picture

The Truth Behind Obama's War On IsraelThe Truth Behind Obama's War On Israel
by Jeff Dunetz - 2/27/2015

The crisis between Israel and the Administration has been totally created by this president and supported by the Democrats.  Picture

Jewish 'Settlements' are not IllegalJewish 'Settlements' are not Illegal
by Dr. Avi Perry - 2/26/2015

Israel captured Judea and Samaria from its illegal possessor, the Jordanian Hashemite kingdom, in a defensive war. Look at the rest of the world.  Picture


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