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Tiqiyya vs. the Judeo-Christian EthicTiqiyya vs. the Judeo-Christian Ethic
by Rabbi Philip Lefkowitz - 8/30/2015

The Koran teaches the concept of 'Tiqqiya,' strategic lying. Should we consider the moral basis upon which the Iranian negotiators predicated their every statement.  Picture

Matisyahu sings 'Jerusalem' in face of anti-Israel protestersMatisyahu sings 'Jerusalem' in face of anti-Israel protesters
by William A. Jacobson - 8/23/2015
Matisyahu is the American Jewish musician who was banned by the Rototom Sunsplash Reggae Festival under pressure and threats from the (BDS) movement.  Video Picture

The power of Jewish indignationThe power of Jewish indignation
by Caroline Glick - 8/21/2015

When Jews stand up to anti-Semites, the anti-Semites back down. The organizers claim they were intimidated into discriminating against Matisyahu by a local anti-Israel BDS group.  Video Picture

The Iran Deal is Everything Bad About Obama in One PackageThe Iran Deal is Everything Bad About Obama in One Package
by Daniel Greenfield - 8/18/2015

Obama doesn’t just enact policies. He conducts domestic political warfare. His political power is based on dividing and conquering Americans.  Picture

Putting Obama Over Country Is TreasonPutting Obama Over Country Is Treason
by Daniel Greenfield - 8/14/2015

Democrats must put country ahead of party. It is not treason to disagree with Obama. It is not treason for the Senate to assert its rightful powers under the Constitution.  Picture

Obama stands with terrorists against terror victimsObama stands with terrorists against terror victims
by Daniel Greenfield - 8/13/2015

When Obama took office, his first phone call to a foreign leader was to the head of a terrorist group. Obama called PLO's Mahmoud Abbas.  Picture

Obama vs. The JewsObama vs. The Jews
by Daniel Greenfield - 8/11/2015

When they complained that, 'Words have consequences,' he was unapologetic. Obama complained, 'It's been a really busy day. You'd think they'd be nicer to me on my birthday.'  Picture

When Muslims Burn Jews AliveWhen Muslims Burn Jews Alive
by Daniel Greenfield - 8/7/2015

The world was outraged when ISIS burned a man in a cage, but Muslim terrorists have been burning Jews alive with little outrage and less attention.  Picture

Iran Deal and the Hudaybiyyah PrecedentIran Deal and the Hudaybiyyah Precedent
by Mike Konrad - 7/28/2015

What President Obama gave us is not a peace, but a treacherous hudna, a deceitful truce. Mohammed's Treaty of Hudaybiyyah is the sacred precedent.  Picture

Detention Camps for American Jews?Detention Camps for American Jews?
by Tzvi Fishman - 7/27/2015

It could very well be. Secretary of State Kerry has hinted, in no uncertain terms, the United States will take preventive military action to foil the Israeli attack.  Picture


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