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Iran Deal and the Hudaybiyyah PrecedentIran Deal and the Hudaybiyyah Precedent
by Mike Konrad - 7/28/2015

What President Obama gave us is not a peace, but a treacherous hudna, a deceitful truce. Mohammed's Treaty of Hudaybiyyah is the sacred precedent.  Picture

Detention Camps for American Jews?Detention Camps for American Jews?
by Tzvi Fishman - 7/27/2015

It could very well be. Secretary of State Kerry has hinted, in no uncertain terms, the United States will take preventive military action to foil the Israeli attack.  Picture

The Myth of Iran's Peaceful Nuclear ProgramThe Myth of Iran's Peaceful Nuclear Program
by Daniel Greenfield - 7/24/2015

The peaceful nuclear program is a hoax. Iran hasn’t changed its behavior, the nuclear deal is just another way for it to get the bomb.  Picture

Obama Welcomes Terror Immigration to AmericaObama Welcomes Terror Immigration to America
by Daniel Greenfield - 7/19/2015

If we really want to stop terrorism, the place to start is the airport, by ending the flood of terror populations into the country.  Picture

How Israel Might Destroy Iran's Nuclear ProgramHow Israel Might Destroy Iran's Nuclear Program
by Daniel Pipes - 7/17/2015

The Vienna deal has been signed. Will any government intervene militarily to stop the nearly inevitable Iranian nuclear buildup?  Picture

Iran is a Nuclear Hitler with 56% Of the World’s Oil SupplyIran is a Nuclear Hitler with 56% Of the World’s Oil Supply
by Mark Langfan - 7/10/2015

Iran’s current danger to the free world is exponentially greater than any threat Hitler ever posed, Here's why.  Picture

Daesh: It's not an Organization, It's a StateDaesh: It's not an Organization, It's a State
by Dr. Mordechai Kedar - 7/9/2015

It won't help the West to live in denial. There is a state out there that has to be destroyed just as Nazi Germany had to be destroyed.  Video Picture

A Forgotten Geo-Political Name Game: Palestine-Israel-JordanA Forgotten Geo-Political Name Game: Palestine-Israel-Jordan
by Michael Zimmerman - 6/28/2015

Might the discussion of establishing an additional state be expanded to consider an additional state in eastern Palestine?  Picture

Should Jews Reclaim the Words 'Palestine' and 'Palestinian'?Should Jews Reclaim the Words 'Palestine' and 'Palestinian'?
by Richard Mather - 6/14/2015

The postmodern notion of a deep-rooted Arab Palestinian culture is a sham. All the evidence points to the conspicuous absence of Arab culture.  Picture

The New Israeli Government’s War on BDSThe New Israeli Government’s War on BDS
by Caroline Glick - 6/7/2015

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s new government is less than a month old, but it’s already apparent that it is different from its predecessors. The Jewish State finally goes on the offensive.  Picture


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