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Making Room for BlessingsMaking Room for Blessings
by Sunny Levi
We all hold onto things till the bitter end. It could be a relationship, a job, a routine, a state of mind, or even a goal. Maybe Hashem has something better in store?  [Full article]

A Slice of WatermelonA Slice of Watermelon
by Steve Gardner
Our country is blessed with wonderful produce but that blessing is only because of the blessing of rain sent to us directly by Hashem each year, in answer to our daily requests...  [Full article]

The Loser in 2016The Loser in 2016
by Dovber HaLevi

Even though the 2016 American Presidential election is still four months away, the author claims that he knows who will lose...  [Full article]

Save Me!Save Me!
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
Rebbe Nachman had to escape from Tiberias; he climbed the high stone walls and suddenly slipped. He grabbed a protruding stone, but was suspended between heaven and earth...  [Full article]

Heights of HeartbreakHeights of Heartbreak
by Dovber HaLevi
Few modes of Divine service can match that of a broken heart; it is tantamount to a ritual sacrifice on the holy altar of our Holy Temple in Jerusalem...  [Full article]

Judaism of JoyJudaism of Joy
by Dovber HaLevi
Whether Breslevers or Beatnicks, anyone can be seen in Israel's breathtaking nature reserves, enjoying all the amenities that Hashem's holy land has to offer...  [Full article]

Jumping Into the FireJumping Into the Fire
by Tiferet Israel
She imagined being connected to the courageous heart of the martyrs the long list of Jews who when faced with the choice to die or convert to another religion, chose death...  [Full article]

On Gays and JusticeOn Gays and Justice
by Dovber HaLevi
To treat someone differently because of how they came into this world is to condemn a decision Hashem made. It is to mock their specific mission in life...  [Full article]

Little Sin, Big SinLittle Sin, Big Sin
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
Having a setback shows a person how terribly he needs Hashem every moment of the day. As such, the setback is intrinsically good, for it brings a person closer to emuna...  [Full article]

Rubber-band EmunaRubber-band Emuna
by Rivka Levy
Hashem sends a big test; in desperation, after nothing else helps, the person under fire prays frantically. Then, after Hashem sends relief, he pings back to his old self...  [Full article]


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