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Stand Up and Be CountedStand Up and Be Counted
by Dennis Rosen
Why pray in a minyan? The Baal HaTanya writes that the Divine Presence in a minyan is so strong that if an angel tried to enter, it would be burnt by the holiness...  [Full article]

Respecting OthersRespecting Others
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
Complete teshuva includes the mitzvoth between man and fellow human and the rectification of any damage that one person causes another. Many people conveniently forget this...  [Full article]

Joyful ConnectionJoyful Connection
by Dennis Rosen
When we realize that Hashem is our Benefactor and contemplate all He's done for us, this attitude of gratitude will animate and enliven our mitzvah performance...  [Full article]

The Prince and the ProtocolThe Prince and the Protocol
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
An original parable: A great Arabian king summoned his son the crown prince. 'My son, you are bright and mature; I must prepare you for your future role in running the kingdom...'  [Full article]

State of MissState of Miss
by Rebbetzin Yehudit Channen
The more we sensitize ourselves spiritually, the more we can appreciate everything including people, nature, the presence of God and the wonder of having a Divine soul...  [Full article]

Connecting to the TzaddikConnecting to the Tzaddik
by Dr. Zev Ballen
Why are intelligent people running after materialism even though they know that the gratification they receive from material possessions is very empty and short-lived?  [Full article]

The 'If Only' SyndromeThe 'If Only' Syndrome
by Rabbi Shalom Arush
Nothing in life with true value can be attained with little or no effort, especially Torah; if he tries hard enough, the son of a ditch-digger can be a lofty scholar...  [Full article]

Grateful AwakeningGrateful Awakening
by Dennis Rosen
We can prevent stern judgments by thanking Hashem regularly. Who can put a price tag on another day of life? We should say Modeh Ani with the greatest enthusiasm...  [Full article]

The Message is for UsThe Message is for Us
by Yael Karni
If Hashem did not give us the Land of Israel, why on earth would we bother to adhere to a very complicated law with many intricacies thatís only applicable to it?  [Full article]

Palace of the KingPalace of the King
by Dr. Zev Ballen
The Succah is the King's Palace, literally. Go inside, and with each slow breath appreciate how there are no words or concepts for negativity of any kind in the King's House...  [Full article]


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