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Pure and ImpurePure and Impure
by Rabbi David Charlop
A life of purity necessitates us to distance ourselves from impurity as an intrinsic part of becoming a holy people. It has nothing to do with being physically dirty or soiled...  [Full article]

The Blessing of WealthThe Blessing of Wealth
by Rabbi Shalom Arush -- translated by Rabbi Lazer Brody
A person's abundance is not material. It is spiritual and depends on Divine input, as King Solomon says in the Book of Proverbs, 'Hashem's blessing brings wealth'...  [Full article]

Fear of AnimalsFear of Animals
by Rabbi Shalom Arush -- translated by Rabbi Lazer Brody
Since man is the prime of creation, he has the innate potential to rule over creation. His slightest fear of any creation is an indication that his emuna is not yet whole...  [Full article]

It's Your DonkeyIt's Your Donkey
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
If we see that we're having inexplicable difficulties in life, it could be because our stern judgments and criticisms of those close to us have invoked the same against us...  [Full article]

Spotting the EnemySpotting the Enemy
by Rabbi Shalom Arush -- translated by Rabbi Lazer Brody
The evil inclination doesn't object to one's immersing himself in Torah, as long as he does nothing to improve in the area of personal holiness...  [Full article]

The Price of a LollipopThe Price of a Lollipop
by Rabbi Shalom Arush -- translated by Rabbi Lazer Brody
Most people are like little children with a wad of hundred-dollar bills in their hands; they trade all their money to a swindler who gives them a lollipop...  [Full article]

The United States of SodomThe United States of Sodom
by Racheli Reckles
In Sodom and Gomorrah, people were so wealthy that they passed laws prohibiting any underclass or homeless people from passing through their cities...  [Full article]

How Much are You Worth?How Much are You Worth?
by Rabbi Lazer Brody
Imagine that you're the Prime Minister, the President or a record-breaking professional athlete; how much would you sell yourself for?  [Full article]

Kaddish of Gog & MagogKaddish of Gog & Magog
by Howard Morton
Our Sages say that Persia will destroy the entire world and the Jews will be in a difficult situation. Why are we quiet? Where is the awakening?  [Full article]

Fantasies of the HeartFantasies of the Heart
by Yael Karni
What drives these mental images is it our intellect or emotions? How sure can we ever be that what we see is real, that what decisions we make are based on reality or illusion?  [Full article]


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