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Arab countries continue to dominate UNESCOArab countries continue to dominate UNESCO

Arab members of UNESCO combine to replace amabassador responsible for ratifying the decision denying Jewish connection to Temple Mount.  Video Picture

PM: UNESCO theater of the absurd continuesPM: UNESCO theater of the absurd continues

PM Netanyahu told UNESCO members to visit the Arch of Titus and see which treasures were plundered 2000 years ago from the Temple.  Video Picture

Israel prepares for Yom KippurIsrael prepares for Yom Kippur

Public transportation around country to shut down for Day of Atonement, while security forces implement closure of Judea and Samaria.  Picture

Official Statements on the Passing of President Shimon PeresOfficial Statements on the Passing of President Shimon Peres
Through his great strength of will Shimon continued to move forward, imbued with the aspiration to advance the development of the country that he loved so much.  Video Picture

What If Bibi Jabbed Obama at the UN But No One Noticed?What If Bibi Jabbed Obama at the UN But No One Noticed?
Given its history of hostility towards Israel, does anyone really believe that Israel will let the UN determine our security and our vital national interests?  Picture

The myth of 'Private Arab Lands' in Judea and SamariaThe myth of 'Private Arab Lands' in Judea and Samaria
On the backdrop of the efforts to legalize Jewish towns, one resident explains that King Hussein simply distributed lands.  Video Picture

American-Born Hebron Pioneer Eddie Dribben Dies at 85American-Born Hebron Pioneer Eddie Dribben Dies at 85

Dribben remained dedicated and focused despite the tragedy that struck him and his wife Sara, when their son Dov was murdered by local Arabs in 1998.  Picture

Waqf spews hatred against IsraelWaqf spews hatred against Israel

Azzam al-Khatib, General Director of the Islamic Waqf in Jerusalem, spewed a flurry of lies and incitement today against Israel today.  Picture

Iran nuclear deal is like Munich 1938Iran nuclear deal is like Munich 1938

The boorish voice in this incident belonged to Obama. As a NY Post editorial put it, 'What could President Obama have been thinking?'  Video Picture

Jewish Coalition ad proves Democrats ‘anti-Israel’Jewish Coalition ad proves Democrats ‘anti-Israel’
Video shows hatred of Jewish state ‘on full display at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia’. The video quotes Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson comparing the Israelis to termites.  Video Picture


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