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Israeli bird gets feather transplant from German swiftIsraeli bird gets feather transplant from German swift
Tina Steigerwald, a swift expert from Frankfurt, replaced eight feathers in a wounded bird that vets said was unlikely to return to the wild.  Picture

Gazelles return to Jerusalem valleyGazelles return to Jerusalem valley

An unprecedented win over residential developers brings long-legged antelopes back to the country’s first urban nature reserve.  Picture

Can Technology Change the Lives of the Disabled?Can Technology Change the Lives of the Disabled?

Physical therapists, innovators, and technologists meet in Tel Aviv to develop problem-solving machines for the handicapped.  Picture

Which Company Refuses Business with Israel, But Has 600 Stores in Muslim Countries?Which Company Refuses Business with Israel

With so much unrest in the Middle East, one company in particular was caught bragging about their vast partnerships with many Muslim countries in the Middle East, around 600 to be exact.  Picture

Israeli Solar Power Technology to Light Up EthiopiaIsraeli Solar Power Technology to Light Up Ethiopia

Ethiopia often suffers from blackouts due to its lack of power and two-thirds of the country’s citizens have no electricity.  Picture

Israeli Company's Vaccine Blocks 90% of Cancer TypesIsraeli Company's Vaccine Blocks 90% of Cancer Types

Vaxil BioTherapeutics's ImMucin trains immune system to fight cancer cells and prevent the disease's return for early stages and remission.  Video Picture

Rockets falling? There’s an app for thatOperation Protective Edge
Rockets falling? There’s an app for that


Six ways Israelis are using technology to get information about rocket attacks during Operation Protective Edge.  Picture

Israeli Researchers Synthesize Cancer-Fighting MoleculeIsraeli Researchers Synthesize Cancer-Fighting Molecule
Hebrew University researchers have pinpointed the process by which tumors become resistant to cancer treatments, paving the way for significant changes in cancer-treating drugs.  Picture

Israeli discovery could reverse Alzheimer’s damageIsraeli discovery could reverse Alzheimer’s damage

Tel Aviv University (TAU) professor has uncovered a protein that may protect brain cells from harm by dementia-based diseases.  Picture

Stern College Class Charity Campaign Goes ViralStern College Class Charity Campaign Goes Viral

Class raises over $32,000 to make home wheelchair-accessible - all through the power of social media.  Picture


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