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Google buys Israeli security start-up SlickLoginGoogle buys Israeli security start-up SlickLogin

The Internet giant scoops up the early-stage venture and its intellectual property, which uses a novel sound-based approach to authenticate log-ins.  Video Picture

Meet the CuBox-I, Israel’s $45 PC marvelMeet the CuBox-I, Israel’s $45 PC marvel

A company in northern Israel has developed what may be the next revolution in personal computing – a low-cost, low-power, highly capable computer.  Picture

Searching for privacy in an online worldsSearching for privacy in an online world

Gabriel Weinberg’s fast-growing search engine DuckDuckGo promises ‘better answers, less spam’ — and knows nothing about you.  Picture

Scotsman crafts beer in Gush EtzionScotsman crafts beer in Gush Etzion

Established four years ago by David Shire, originally from Glasgow, Lone Tree Brewery offers wide array of flavors to Israeli market.  Picture

Israeli Scientist: Virus Causing Bees to DisappearIsraeli Scientist: Virus Causing Bees to Disappear

An Israeli scientists says that he has found the answer to a burning question: Where have all the bees gone?  Picture

Ancient Jewish Ritual Takes Over Dieting WorldAncient Jewish Ritual Takes Over Dieting World

'The Fast Diet' closely resembles a spiritual tradition of serial fasting. Now the 5:2 diet is taking over the UK and the US.  Picture

'Extinct' Frog Appears in Israel'Extinct' Frog Appears in Israel

An ‘extinct’ frog makes a comeback in Israel’s Hula Valley, becoming a unique ‘living fossil.' A change from archaeological finds.  Picture

Monumental Cone-Shaped Structure Found in Sea of GalileeMonumental Cone-Shaped Structure Found in Sea of Galilee

Nautical archeologists think structure may have been built onshore and then submerged. The structure is definitely man-made.  Picture

TAU Research Team Discovers New Treatment for StrokeTAU Research Team Discovers New Treatment for Stroke

Researchers Tel Aviv University have found a new treatment for stroke and other brain damage that can help even months after the event.  Picture

Israel beat back 43,999,999 and a half cyber attacksOperation Pillar of Defense
Israel beat back 43,999,999 and a half cyber attacks
Despite declarations by hacker group Anonymous that it would disable the government’s IT infrastructure, websites have been largely immune.  Picture


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