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ZionTimes Top Story of the Week Top of the News ZionTimes Top Story of the Week
Bibi Seals Nationalist Policy with Dore Gold Heading Foreign MinistryBibi Seals Nationalist Policy with Dore Gold Heading Foreign Ministry
Appointing Gold, a strong right-winger, is a clear message to the Obama administration that Israel's fed up with its illusions.  Picture

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Hamas Declares Jerusalem ‘Eternal Capital’ of Islamic WorldHamas Declares Jerusalem ‘Eternal Capital’ of Islamic World
The terrorist organization also copied the Israeli phrase that Jerusalem always will be 'undivided.'  Picture

Obama’s Irrational Understanding of Anti-SemitismObama’s Irrational Understanding of Anti-Semitism - President Obama believes anti-Semites limit their anti-Semitism to discrimination and organizing, but will always put their survival first!  Picture

PM 'Freezes' Plans to Ban Palestinians from Judea-Samaria BusesPM 'Freezes' Plans to Ban Palestinians from Judea-Samaria Buses
Prime Minister's Office says measures approved by Defense Minister Yaalon 'unacceptable to the prime minister.'  Picture

Curious JewsCurious Jews
For most people, the act of studying stops abruptly at the end of formal schooling, whether after elementary school, high school or college.  Picture

Shavuot: Spiritual and Material JoyShavuot: Spiritual and Material Joy
The joy of the Shavuot holiday is both spiritual and material.

Bamidbar: The Armies of HashemBamidbar: The Armies of Hashem
Why does the Torah talk about the Jewish People in military terms?

Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light

Luckily for us, Thomas Edison ignored all those negative voices and persisted in his attempts to make a bulb.
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Actress Anne Meara, Mom of Ben Stiller, Dies at 85

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