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The true story of 'The Zookeeper'The true story of 'The Zookeeper'
New film, 'The Zookeeper's Wife', recounts true story of Polish couple who hid 300 Jews in their zoo during the Holocaust...  Video Picture  [Full story]

Where Are Your Jews?Where Are Your Jews?
UN Watchdog Rebukes Arab States Accusing Israel of Apartheid During UN Human Rights Council Meeting for their discrimination against Jews and the Jewish state...  Video Picture

The Newest Bigotry at CNNThe Newest Bigotry at CNN
By suggesting that I opposed the travel ban 'because of [my] own bias' toward Israel – Flannery engaged in the old anti-Semitic trope: Dual-loyalty.  Video Picture

One terrorist killed, three wounded during attack on Jewish townOne terrorist killed, during attack on Jewish town
Arab terrorists attacking the town of Beit El with firebombs neutralized by IDF soldiers. One terrorist killed, three wounded.  Picture

Swastika leaflets strewn near Jewish Student CenterSwastika leaflets strewn near Jewish Student Center
One of the heads of a Jewish center on the campus of Virginia Tech (VT) called the scattering of more than 100 hand-drawn swastika leaflets...  Picture

Vayikra: Happy with his Portion
Vayikra: Happy with his Portion

Anyone who cheats, defrauds, swindles or does any other type of dishonest dealings...

Seventy: The Secret of Geula
Seventy: The Secret
of Geula

Seventy years was the period of exile between the First and Second Holy Temples.
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