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A courageous idea to stop the murdersA courageous idea to stop the murders
Not an easy solution to implement, but it might work. Resilient citizens are losing patience as murder after murder robs the Jewish people of future generations.  
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Aleppo's ancient synagogue threatened with destructionAleppo's ancient synagogue threatened with destruction
As regime forces move in on rebels amid intense fighting, group calls for help in saving last traces of Jewish heritage in the ancient city.  Picture

Bill to institute 'Aliya Day' passes early voteBill to institute 'Aliya Day' passes early vote
Bill sponsor Robert Ilatov says it is important because it salutes immigrants and thanks them for their contributions to Israel.  Picture

Hope is not a strategyHope is not a strategy
Since Israel is going to be attacked no matter what it does, we might as well do things that advance our interests.  Picture

Terrorist killed by own bomb during attempted attack on security forcesTerrorist killed by own bomb during attempted attack on security forces - The terrorist approached the military outpost holding a bomb in his hand which, according to reports, exploded prematurely.  Picture

Terumah: The Copper Culprit
Terumah: The Copper Culprit

Why do people gab during synagogue services? Do they realize the severity of talking and texting in the synagogue?

Strangled with Stringency

Strangled with Stringency

A person is at liberty to add more intent, joy and desire in fulfilling a mitzva...
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Netanyahu pledges to protect Israel 'from predatory animals'

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