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Jewish PAC to press Republicans to call West Bank ‘Jewish homeland’Republicans to call West Bank ‘Jewish homeland’
'The Land of Israel is the indigenous homeland of the Jewish people by right and by law,' says the language proposed by the Iron Dome Alliance.  Picture  [Full story]

‘Journey of the Three’ commemorates murdered teens‘Journey of the Three’ commemorates murdered teens
Students from Ulpan Tzvia Revava went on a voyage in memory of Eyal Yifrah, Naftali Frenkel and Gilad Sha’ar.  Picture

Syrian Armenians find refuge in ancestral homelandSyrian Armenians find refuge in ancestral homeland
In stark echo of Jewish experience, thousands of Syrian Armenians returning to homeland to escape civil war, persecution.  Picture

Anti-Semitic incidents in the United States up more than 60%Anti-Semitic incidents in the U.S. up more than 60%
ADL audit finds anti-Semitic incidents on American campuses nearly doubled in 2015, and increased 60% across the country.  Picture

U.S. Democrats debate adding 'occupation’ to party platformU.S. Democrats debate adding 'occupation’ to party platform
U.S. Democratic Party considers explicit condemnation of Israeli 'occupation' for 2016 platform.  Picture

Beha'aloscha: Mighty but Humble

Beha'aloscha: Mighty but Humble

The Torah goes out of its way to emphasize that Moses was a human, born from a woman's womb...

Little Sin, Big Sin

Little Sin, Big Sin

Having a setback shows a person how terribly he needs Hashem every moment of the day...
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Your Morning News From Israel - June 23, 2016

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