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Wrong message, wrong time, wrong placeWrong message, wrong time, wrong place
The French and Brits are convening the world’s countries in Paris aimed at reinforcing an outrageous resolution under the misleading title of a peace-promoting conference.  Picture  [Full story]

Terrorist Attacks in Judea and Jordan ValleyTerrorist Attacks in Judea and Jordan Valley
PA Arab attacks on Israeli motorists continue to escalate with every international expression of support for the Palestinian Authority.  Picture

Israel must not be a repeat of Czechoslovakia 1938Israel must not be a repeat of Czechoslovakia 1938
I have just returned from a long trip in the post-1967 areas to see for myself and I say: Israel cannot survive without Judea and Samaria.  Picture

Netanyahu Blasts 'Futile' Paris ConferenceNetanyahu Blasts 'Futile' Paris Conference - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismissed as 'futile' an int'l conference in Paris seeking to revive the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.  Video Picture

72 Diplomats in Paris to Stop Short of Recognizing Palestinian State72 Diplomats in Paris to Stop Short of Recognizing Palestinian State - The 72 nations who are at this moment participating in the Paris Peace Conference are expected to call for a two-state solution.  Video Picture

Shemos: Piety with Good SenseShemos: Piety
Good Sense

Moses teaches us that there's the right time for everything...

The Delivery Man

The Delivery Man

This week is the inauguration of newly-elected US President Donald Trump; his entrance to the White House is paved with a long list of miracles...
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Paris summit to stress support for two-state solution

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